Opens a menu with per player settings.






Slab breaking

When breaking double slabs, only one half will be broken.

Clear inventory

When enabled, a player's inventory is cleared on join.

Change design

Select which colour the glass panes should have.


When flying against a wall you will be put into spectator mode.

Instant place signs

When enabled, signs are placed without opening the text input.

Open trapdoors

When right clicking iron (trap-)doors they will be opened/closed.


A scoreboard which provides you with useful information.

New navigator

A new and improved navigator which is no longer a classical GUI.

Spawn teleport

When enabled, you will be teleported to the spawn if it has been set.

Hide players

When enabled, all players online will be hidden.

Disable interactions

When enabled, interactions with certain blocks are disabled.

World sort

Change the way worlds are sorted in the navigator.

Currently, you can choose from 4 different sorting methods: Alphabetically (A-Z), Alphabetically (Z-A), Creation date (Newest) & Creation date (Oldest)


When enabled, you will receive permanent nightvision.

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