Common Issues

Issue 1 - Manipulating world

"I can(not) build, even though I should be able to"

Not every player can always interact with the world they are in.

Reasons an interaction could be cancelled:

  • The world has its Status (see /worlds setStatus) set to archived

  • The world has a setting enabled (see /worlds edit) which disallows certain events

  • The world only allows Builders to build and the player is not such a builder

However, a player can override these reasons if:

  • The player has the permission buildsystem.admin

  • The player has the permission buildsystem.bypass.archive

  • The player has used /build to enter build-mode

Issue 2 - Weird symbols appearing in messages

If ever start the server and see weird symbols in your messages instead of a UTF-8 character, try adding the following to your startup script:


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