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v2.24.2 - 04.10.2023

  • Added 1.20.2 support
  • Few bug fixes

v2.24.1 - 26.06.2023

  • Added 1.20.1 support

v2.24.0 - 10.06.2023

  • Added 1.20 support
  • Added ability to filter words in navigator
    • New slot in the navigator
    • Toggle through multiple settings: "none", "starts with", "contains" and "matches"
  • Allow admins to specify further illegal characters in a world's name
    • New config option: invalid-characters
    • If a character in the world's name matches the specified regex, it is removed
  • New placeholders
    • %buildsystem_lastedited%
    • %buildsystem_lastloaded%
    • %buildsystem_lastunloaded%

v2.23.1 - 07.05.2023

  • Fixed worlds being not imported correctly
  • Scoreboard lines longer than 30 chars are now trimmed in versions <1.13
  • Fixed bypass of world version check when importing worlds (-DPaper.ignoreWorldDataVersion)
  • Added -c <creator> argument to /worlds import command, to specify which player should be the creator of the imported world
  • Removed creator-is-builder config option, as creator should always be builder
  • Removed world-edit-wand config option, as WorldEdit wand is now read from the (FastAsync)WorldEdit config

v2.23.0 - 23.03.2023

  • Added 1.19.4 support
  • Added ability to not send messages
    • Blank messages are no longer sent to the player
    • Example: A command is to be hidden from /buildsystem -> Set buildsystem_XXX: "" in the messages.yml file
  • Multi-page /buildsystem command
    • The /buildsystem [page] command now takes a page argument, as it no longer displays all commands at once
  • Players not in build-mode could not interact with other inventories when move-items was disabled

v2.22.3 - 04.03.2023

  • Fix duplicate message key
    • The key "worlds_import_newer_version" was supposed to be "worlds_importall_newer_version"
  • Allow messages to contain commas
    • Previously, when using commas (,) in multi-line messages would result in the message being split

v2.22.2 - 20.12.2022

Compress world level.dat with GZIP when writing server version

v2.22.1 - 16.12.2022

Fixes a bug that would stop worlds from being loaded on servers using Spigot 1.8

v2.22.0 - 16.12.2022

  • 1.19.3 support
  • Check world DataVersion before loading
    • Stops newer worlds from being loaded in older versions
    • Is ignored when Paper.ignoreWorldDataVersion flag is enabled
  • Add move-items config option
    • Stops a player from moving/taking items to/from other inventories when in build-mode
    • Also changed the default of drop-items to true
  • Player would receive navigator even if setting was disabled
  • Instant Place Signs didn't support mangrove_sign

v2.21.2 - 05.11.2022

  • Improvements to /build
    • Add permission for when setting other players into build-mode:
    • Reset player inventory when leaving build-mode
    • New config option for disabling item drops when in build-mode (default: false)
    • Add LuckPerms context for when players are in build-mode (build-mode)
  • Custom blocks were not being placed when disable interactions is enabled

v2.21.1 - 05.11.2022

Fix world icon not displaying correctly

v2.21.0 - 05.11.2022

  • Utilize PaperLib
    • If the server is running Paper, players will be teleported asynchronously
  • Improved /worlds command
    • Up till now, whenever a command such as /worlds edit <world> was run, the world always had to be specified
    • Now, whenever a world is not specified (/worlds edit) the player's current world is used
  • Improvements to /blocks
    • Added invisible item frame to servers running 1.17
    • Improved rotation of orientable blocks
  • Allow players to rejoin server in unloaded worlds
    • If a player has spawn teleportation deactivated and world unloading has been enabled, the world the player was previously in is now loaded automatically

v2.20.6 - 10.10.2022

  • Add permissions to each world type creation
    • Allows server owners to restrict which world types can be created
  • Allow admins to bypass a world's permission
    • Use the admin permission: buildsystem.admin

v2.20.5 - 15.08.2022

  • Fix NoSuchMethodError thrown in legacy versions

v2.20.4 - 02.08.2022

  • Don't use StringUtils from apache commons lang3
  • Switch from Spigot 1.19 to 1.19.1 as API version

v2.20.3 - 04.07.2022

  • Fix "Double Stone Slab" block being placed incorrectly (Minecraft 1.14+)
  • Show archived private worlds in world archive

v2.20.2 - 03.07.2022

  • Added piston head block to /blocks
  • When editing gamerules in a world (/worlds edit), the next page button should now work as intended in versions <1.13

v2.20.1 - 15-06.2022

  • Update notifier displayed incorrect version

v2.20 - 15.06.2022

  • Support for Minecraft 1.19
  • Don't import a world twice if already existent (/worlds importAll)

v2.19 - 27.05.2022

  • Default world permissions
    • Added 2 new config options: world.default.permission.public and world.default.permission.public
    • Each option sets the default permission the respected world type will have when created
    • Use %world% as a placeholder for the world's name
  • Restrict commands to world creator
    • All commands defaults to .self when no suffix (.self, .other) is provided. For example: =
    • With the permission suffix .self, a player can only modify worlds that belong to the player (player is creator)
    • With the permission suffix .other, a player can only modify worlds that don't belong to the player (player is not creator)
  • More permission checks when using /worlds edit

v2.18.9 - 21.04.2022

  • Correctly allow multiple private worlds to be created

v2.18.8 - 21.04.2022

  • From now on, only the creator of a world can delete it (or players with the admin permission: buildsystem.admin)
  • Players are no longer limited to one private world. Use the permission buildsystem.create.private.<amount> to set the maximum amount a player can create
  • Fixes a bug where creators could not add builders to their world with /worlds addBuilder

v2.18.7 - 12.04.2022

  • Navigator permission changes
    • Changes the permission needed to open the navigator to buildsystem.navigator
    • Adds a permission which is needed to receive the navigator item: buildsystem.navigator.item
  • Fixed bugs with the modern navigator
    • Item used to close navigator could be dropped
    • Players were able to modify other player's navigator leaving them unusable
  • Minor optimisation
    • Reset unload task after world switch (or quitting) to ensure correct unload time

v2.18.6 - 30.03.2022

  • Changes to world difficulty
    • Allow a world's difficulty to be changed in the /worlds edit <world> menu
    • Correctly retrieve the default world difficultly from the config
  • Allow unloaded worlds to be renamed
    • Previously, a world had to be imported in order for it to be renamed

v2.18.5 - 29.03.2022

  • Fix incorrect chunk generator when loading worlds
    • Worlds that were unloaded and then loaded again were using the standard WorldCreator, not the custom generators they should be

v2.18.4 - 21.03.2022

  • Fixed an error in legacy versions (< 1.13) where normal blocks could not be broken when slab breaking was enabled

v2.18.3 - 20.03.2022

  • Some listeners were registered twice
  • Instant Place Signs would not work with Material#DARK_OAK_SIGN
  • Unloaded worlds were not being deleted correctly
  • /settings would throw a NPE when using Minecraft versions < 1.13

v2.18.2 - 11.03.2022

  • Added new config option: teleport-after-creation (default: true)
    • When enabled, the player is teleported a world after it is created instead of having to enter through the navigator
  • Chunks in void worlds were not generated correctly after the server restarts

v2.18.1 - 06.03.2022

  • Support for Minecraft 1.18.2
  • Sending commands that use CommandSender#spigot throws NoSuchMethodError
  • NullPointerException while opening GameRule inventory
  • Navigator does not stay in inventory when „Keep Navigator“ is enabled

v2.18 - 15.02.2022

  • Support for RGB messages
  • Implement buildsystem:role Context for LuckPerms
  • Add limits to the amount of worlds allowed to be created

v2.17.2 - 16.01.2022

  • Worlds can no longer have a blank name when only consisting of special characters
  • Stop items from trying to be placed with "Disable Interactions" enabled
  • Stop WorldEdit items from being able to break blocks when they shouldn't

v2.17.1 - 26.12.2021

  • Fix WorldEdit wand breaking blocks

v2.17 - 09.12.2021

  • Support for Minecraft 1.18
  • Bugs with lower versions. If any still occur, please report them on GitHub

v2.16.6 - 26.11.2021

  • NoClassDefFoundError with /worlds help

v2.16.5 - 25.11.2021

  • Previously, only WorldEdit commands were blocked. Now the usage of brushes etc should also be blocked
  • Bug fixes
  • Refactored code

v2.16.4 - 21.09.2021

  • Added ability to unimport worlds with /worlds unimport (Perm: buildsystem.unimport)
  • Added /w as an alias for /worlds
  • Fixed bug where settings were not toggling correctly

v2.16.3 - 01.09.2021

  • Added option to add worlds to a blacklist which ensures that they won't be unloaded (config.yml: world.unload.blacklisted-worlds)
  • Added option to keep the "Navigator" on inventory clear (/settings)

v2.16.2 - 23.08.2021

  • Added command to remove a world's custom spawn (/worlds removeSpawn)
  • Added option to set a world's default difficulty to the config (world.default.difficulty)
  • Improved the blockage of WorldEdit commands for non-builders
  • Improved /worlds tab-complete
  • Improved /worlds help command
  • /config can now be used from the console

v2.16.1 - 02.08.2021

  • Adds option to not give navigator on join ("settings.navigator.give-item-on-join")

v2.16 - 26.07.2021

  • Custom world generators
    • When creating a new world, a new icon can be found in the "World Create GUI": Generators
    • In order to create a world with a custom world generator, the generator plugin must be present in the "plugins" folder (and the plugins must be loaded!)
    • Then after having selected "Generators" as a world type, enter the world name and afterwards the name of the World Generator and voilà!
  • Duplicate key in messages.yml bug

v2.15 - 22.07.2021

  • Support for 1.17(.1)
  • Replaced AnvilGUI with chat input

v2.14.6 - 23.04.2021

  • Standard settings for newly created worlds
    • e.g. physics, explosions, etc.
  • Commands should no longer clash with other plugins
  • World names in the "navigator" (!) can now include symbols
  • Skulls in the "private world navigator" should consume fewer resources & load faster
  • You can now place plants in flower pots while "Place Plants" is activated

v2.14.5 - 13.01.2021

  • World names in /worlds can now have other characters that the world name itself​

v2.14.4 - 03.11.2020

  • Support for Minecraft 1.16.4

v2.14.3 - 20.09.2020

  • Added the ability to write with colors in the chat & on signs » Chat: » Signs: buildsystem.color.sign
  • Restructured config
    • Will have to be deleted after updating!
  • Improved world import
    • The world which is supposed to be imported will now be checked for invalid characters
    • /worlds import can now be tab completed
    • /worlds importAll now has a delay between each world (can be configured in the config, default 30s)
  • Improved NoClip
    • The players previous gamemode is now saved

v2.14.2 - 18.08.2020

  • 1.16.2 support
  • Minor improvements to /top
  • Fixed a bug where wool would lose it's colour when "Disable Block Interactions" was enabled

v2.14.1 - 15.08.2020

  • The navigator should now work as expected in 1.16+
  • Fixed back_usage message error (only for newly generated messages.yml files)​

v2.14 - 14.08.2020

  • 1.16 support
  • New commands
    • /gm <0,1,2,3> (buildsystem.gamemode or buildsystem.gamemode.others when using /gm <gamemode> <player>)
    • /back (buildsystem.back)
    • /top (
    • /worlds importAll (buildsystem.import.all)​
  • Sort worlds by project
  • Bypass permissions
    • buildsystem.bypass.archive (When you are in an archived world)
    • (When you are not a builder)
    • buildsystem.bypass.settings (When block breaking/placement is disabled)
  • New PAPI-Placeholder
    • %buildsystem_time%
    • Returns the time in a world ​
  • Changed default prefix
  • Lots of bug fixes
    • e.g. "Instant Place Signs" now works in 1.14+
    • Many more​

v2.13.3 - 09.06.2020

  • /spawn [set/remove] & /config <reload> can now be tab-completed
  • The spawn (/spawn) can no longer be set in a world which is not imported

v2.13.2 - 02.06.2020

  • Expansion for PlaceholderAPI
    • BuildSystem now contains placeholders for PAPI» A ful list of placeholders can be found *here*
  • %builders% placeholder for messages.yml
    • Can be used e.g. in the world navigator
    • Not available for the scoreboard!
  • Various bug fixes

v2.13.1 - 23.05.2020

  • Added sounds to the "World Editor" and the "Builders" GUI
  • Improvement to the "World Editor"
    • After changing a world's permission or project via the "World Editor" you are now brought back to the GUI instead of the GUI just closing
    • Improved messages (information about world status, permission & project)
      • In order to see these changed messages.yml must be deleted (or at least all messages with " "worldeditor_" in them)

v2.13 - 22.05.2020

  • New setting: Place plants
    • When enabled, plants can be placed n all kinds of blocks
  • World editor
    • Easily customise worlds with a GUI » Can be opened with /worlds edit or by right-clicking a word in the world navigator
    • World must be loaded to use the editor!
    • Features:
      • Toggle block breaking/placement/physics
      • Alter the time of day
      • Toggle explosions
      • Butcher all mobs in a world
      • Manage builders (more to that later)
      • Manage gamerules
      • Toggle world visibility (if a world is shown in "Private Worlds")
      • Toggle MobAIs
      • Change a world's status/project/permission
  • Introducing builders
    • When a world has builders enabled (private worlds by default, public worlds after being enabled), only these players can place and destroy blocks
    • A list of a world's builder can be seen in the world editor or with /worlds builders (Permission:
    • Add a builder in the world editor or with /worlds addBuilder (Permission: worlds.addbuilder)
    • Remove a builder in the world editor or with /worlds removeBuilder (Permission: worlds.removebuilder)
    • Only the world creator can add or remove builders! (Set the creator with /worlds setCreator )
    • Can be disabled in the config (block-world-edit-non-builder)
  • Admin bypass permission
    • Permission: buildsystem.admin
    • Bypasses all restrictions such as not being the creator of a world, archived worlds, disabled block breaking/placement
  • New /worlds info placeholders
    • Added %builders_enabled%, %block_breaking% & %block_placement%
    • Shows whether or not a certain world has the builder feature enabled and whether or not blocks can be placed/broken

v2.12.2 - 17.05.2020

  • Powered Redstone Lamps are now lit, even when physics are disabled
  • "Disabled Interact" should again work as expected

v2.12.1 - 10.05.2020

  • Update checker
    • Automatically checks for updates when the server starts/reloads
    • Players who have the permision "buildsystem.update" (default: op) are also notified of join
    • Can be disabled in the config (update-checker)
  • Additions to /speed
    • /s as an alias for /speed
    • /speed (/s) can now be tab-completed
  • When placing the "Powered Redstone Lamp", the block above would lose its colour
  • Private world would disappear when set to archive (now shown in the "World Archive")
  • Now all block interactions should be cancelled when "Disable Interactions" is enabled

v2.12 - 07.05.2020

  • More settings
    • Instant Place Signs: Allows for signs to be placed without the menu opening
    • Player hider: Hide/show all players
  • Custom import generators
    • When importing worlds you can now choose from 3 generators: NORMAL, FLAT, VOID (default)
    • /world import [-g ]
  • Implemented bStats
    • Gives me information on how the plugin is used, so I can improve it more
  • Toggle join/quit messages
    • Option found in the config: join-quit-messages (default: true)
  • Toggle block in void worlds
    • You can now toggle whether or not a gold block is placed in a void world when it is created
    • Option found in the config: void-block (default: true)
  • Improved navigator
    • Now contains settings (/settings command will still continue to exist)
  • "Slab Breaking"
    • Smooth Stone, Smooth Sandstone & Smooth Red Sandstone blocks (found in /blocks) are now fully broken when "Slab Breaking" is enabled

v2.11.1 - 05.05.2020

  • Fixed a bug where the second page of the "World Archive" couldn't be opened

v2.11 - 04.05.2020

  • /worlds setStatus GUI can now be customized
    • Use /setup and proceed the same as with changing the other default item
  • Improved /worlds delete
    • World deletion must now be confirmed (No more accidental deletes)
    • Therefore you can now tab-complete /worlds delete
  • Redesigned "World Create GUI"
    • Check it out for yourself

v2.10 - 23.04.2020

  • Added the option the clear a player's inventory on join
    • Can be toggled with /settings (default: disabled)
  • Worlds can now be unloaded
    • After X amount of time, a world is unloaded if a player hasn't entered the world since then (default is 1h)
    • First enable the option in the config (unload-worlds)
    • If you want to you can change the time until the world is unloaded (time-until-unload)
    • Then reload the server
  • Worlds can now be sorted in more ways
    • Added "Z-A" and "oldest first"
  • The scoreboard can now be disabled in the config
  • Improved deletion of worlds
  • Blocks will now be coloured when "Disabled Interactions" is enabled
  • Fixed some other small bugs

v2.9 - 04.04.2020

  • /setup
    • Changes the items which
      a) are shown in the GUI when you create a world
      b) are given to specific worlds by default (e.g. Normal world is a log)
    • Permission: buildsystem.setup

v2.8.1 - 25.03.2020

  • Fixed a bug where worlds wouldn't load if they had a dot in their name

v2.8 - 21.03.2020

  • Spawn system
    • Use /spawn set to set a spawn where all players will be teleported to (if they wish) when they join the server or use /spawn » Remove the spawn with /spawn remove
    • Permission needed: buildsystem.spawn
  • New settings
    • There are now 2 new options in /settings
      1) Toggle block interactions:
      • When block interactions are deactivated you can place blocks against certain blocks (e.g. furnace, crafting table, chest, etc.) without opening them
      • This function works best in Spigot 1.13+ because blocks won't rotate when place in versions below
      2) Toggle spawn teleportation
      • If players don't want to be teleported to the spawn, they can disable this
  • World information
    • /worlds info [world] gives you information about a world
    • Permission:
  • Fast enable physics
    • /physics all quickly enables world physics in all worlds, as long as there isn't a world names "all"
  • Fixed a huge ton of bugs

v2.7 - 01.03.2020

  • More world information
    • Newly created world from now on store the world creator and creation date/time
      • World Creator: %creator%
      • Creation date/time: %date%
    • These new placeholders can be used in the scoreboard and in the world navigator lore
    • The world creator can be changed with /worlds setCreator
    • The date format can be changed in the config
  • Option to change how worlds are sorted in the navigator
    • Choose between Alphabetically and Creation date
    • Can be changed with /settings
  • Updated mechanics
    • The config is now automatically reloaded when the server reloads
    • You can now add unlimited lines to a lore in messages.yml
    • Changed other internal things
  • Improved private worlds
    • Private worlds are no longer just flat worlds
    • Now you can choose between all the "normal" worlds types (Normal, Flat, Void, Nether & End)
  • Other changes